Business Intelligence

77reports focusses on providing business intelligence for SaaS applications like Highrise.


We come from background of SaaS development, and have created extensive management reporting for businesses such as

We started with the Highrise report module as its what we use internally. When we tried using other business intelligence providers, we just weren't happy with the reports they provided. 

So what we have built is inline with what we require - simple, easy to use reporting, fast setup, automated emails delivered with the business intelligence you need.

Most often - as a business owner or sales manager - a quick glance to understand new revenues and expected closes for the month is all you need - sometimes you want more, with annual analysis and team performance breakdowns.

We wanted to make it easy for business owners and managers to be able to grab this information.


So the Highrise reporting module is our first step into dedicated business intelligence reporting. 

If you have feedback or ideas, or would like to see a new report module built for you, then please contact us to discuss.