Common questions

If I take a free trial am I obliged to continue?

No, you can cancel the free trial at any time. We'll only bill you if you choose not to cancel the trial - in which case we'll use Paypal to take the monthly payments starting one month after you setup the trial.

Is there a minimum contract period?

No - you are free to cancel the service at anytime.

Currently you only provide reporting for Highrise - do you plan to release reporting for other sources?

Yes, very much so. Highrise is our first reporting module, but we intend to add more. If you have any preference or opinion, then please contact us so we can work with your priorities in mind.

Why are you called 77reports?

According to numerologists, '77' is the most intelligent number.

We don't want to validate our reporting by flooding you with reams of useless data, or complex setup tools. We simply provide intelligent, out-of-the-box reporting that drills down to the key information quickly. That's what 77reports is all about.